Venture Capital

CFO Capital Partners performs a wide variety of services for entrepreneurs & investors. The most important of these are getting the two together. Among the services that we provide include:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Plan Reviews
  • Business Development
  • Investment Analysis
  • Search for Investors

Investment Banking Services. We provide financial advisory services to corporate clients and business owners. Those services fall into one of three categories:

  1. capital raising,
  2. valuations and fairness opinions
  3. merger & acquisition advice.

 A. Capital Raising - We approach capital raising from a process perspective. We conduct due diligence on a client’s business, analyze the client’s financial and business plan and meet with the executives and operators of the business. That process sharpens the company’s financial modeling; financial assumptions and business plan as well as allows us to understand the strengths, weaknesses and company-specific issues facing that business. In tandem with the due diligence process, our institutional sales group and high net worth sales group develops a list of potential investors for that business. We use several sources of information to create that list:

I. Our Knowledge of the Market - We work with venture capital firms, private equity firms, family offices, private funds and high net worth individuals both in the United States and abroad. Since we work with and communicate regularly with these firms, we have current information on investment preferences and activities. We know which firms are active and which are not, which firms invest in various stages of a company’s development and which firms invest in specific sectors.

II. Commercial Available Information on Institutional Investors - We subscribe to commercially available databases that provide daily and weekly updates on financing activities in the United States and abroad, focusing on institutional investors.

III. High Networth Individuals - We maintain active contacts with, and lists of, high net worth individuals that invest in various industry sectors and in various stages of companies. We also have access to industry lists of such individuals.

IV. Angel Investors - For early stage companies, we work with angel investors and angel investor groups to attract funding when other funding sources are not available. To market a company to the appropriate groups of investors, we develop an executive summary and investor power point presentation that is used to contact investors. Done properly those documents are crisp and brief, but critically important to the capital raising process.

B. Valuations and Fairness Opinions - At the heart of all corporate finance transactions is the valuation of a business enterprise. We represent companies, management teams, investors and other persons that need to have valuations and fairness opinions rendered in connection with corporate finance transactions.

C. Merger and Acquisition Advice - A business becoming mature requires exceptional commitment and hard work from many people - a founder, a group of entrepreneurs, investors, managers and others. When the company is ready to be sold, all steps should be taken to maximize the value of the business. Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs turn to an investment banking firm to help them receive maximum value and to locate a quality purchaser of their business. We provide M&A advice to technology, financial services and real estate concerns. In order to provide this advice, we have many years of experience executing transactions in those industry sectors.


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