Other Financing Programs

  • Monetization Financing.........file_image.cmp
    • Where Creativity and Capital Meet
    • Using Untapped Collateral and Non-Traditional Payment Terms

  • Credit Tenant (NNN).............file_image.cmp
    • Self-amortizing over the term of the lease
    • Debt service coverage ratios as low as 1.00x
  • Fixed Rate...........................file_image.cmp
    • Seeking long-term fixed-rate financing opportunities for stable properties
    • Multifamily, Retail, Office, Medical Office, Industrial
  • Floating Mezzanine ..............file_image.cmp
    • Seeking short-term floating rate financing opportunities for new construction or transitional assets
    • Multifamily, Office, Medical Office, Industrial, Retail, Condominiums; stable or “repositioning” assets as well as new construction
  • Floating Rate Bridge Loans ...file_image.cmp
    • Bridge financing for commercial and multifamily properties
    • Multifamily, Retail, Office, Medical Office, Industrial
  • Fixed Rate Mezzanine ..........file_image.cmp
    • Mezzanine loans for commercial and multifamily properties
    • Multifamily, Retail, Office, Medical Office, Industrial
  • Developer Requirements for Joint Venture Financing in Mexico - click to open  file_image.cmp
  •   Hard Money
  •   Land Financing
  •   Equity For Commercial & Residential Development
  •   Mortgage Sale/Purchase


Business Finance Programs Update

CFO Capital Partners offers a variety of financing for businesses to meet the needs of the ever-changing business environment. We have developed a network of lending institutions and private lending groups across the United States to offer Loans and Line of Credits (secured and unsecured), Equipment Financing, Sale Leaseback, Credit Card Cash- Advance, Purchase Order and Receivable Financing. Our Programs are designed for businesses seeking convenient financing to make seasonal purchases, cover ongoing operating expenses, fund growth, receivables and inventory

CFO Capital Partners specializes in understanding a business and providing customized solutions to meet specific needs. Even if a business or business owner has bad credit we have programs available. CFO Capital Partners has a proven track record in assisting business owners in obtaining financing with less than perfect credit since 1996!

 Equipment Leasing

A-D Credit Programs

Leasing can be an important asset to any growing business. If Conserving working capital and lines of credit is important to your business, leasing should be considered when acquiring new equipment, software, furniture, build-out and raising capital.

We have an array of leasing plans available. Clients may choose from monthly, deferred payment leases, graduated payment leases, or skip payment leases.

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Business Loans

Loans & Lines of Credit

These loans typically range from $75k to $1.5M (higher amounts are accepted case by case). Several financing options available for purposes such as: refinancing, acquisition, partner buyout, purchase of real estate, and expansion capital. We handle a variety of businesses such as Marinas, Radio & TV Stations, Franchises, Gas Stations, Bed & Breakfasts, Professional Practices (CPA's, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, & Optometrist) and Medical Profession (MD's, Dentists, & Veterinarians). Startups for approved franchises and medical practices are encouraged to apply.

A personal guarantee will be required. Underwriters will take into consideration: Time in Business, Credit Scores, Amount of Credit, Debt Servicing Ability, Revenue Stream, Business Credit, Industry, Use of Funds and overall Stability.

Business Loans & LOC's

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Receivables, Contract & PO Financing

*Receivable LOC's

Receivable Factoring allows the client to utilize their accounts receivable for cash, versus waiting 30 to 60 days to be paid by their customer. Factoring will provide the client the capital they need to improve their cash flow and utilize funds for needs such as: covering payroll, cash to fuel growth or take on new jobs. Normally 60% to 85% is advanced against the invoices generated and the remaining funds (minus fees .50% - 5.%) would be forwarded once the invoices are paid. *Receivables Lines of Credit available.

Purchase Order/Contract Financing This program provides the ability to utilize an existing Purchase Order (PO) or Contract for financing Direct Labor Inventory, Raw Materials, Work-in-Process, Finished Goods, Direct Overhead, Buy-Outs- Components Parts and Sub Assemblies. PO's can include companies outside of the US. Minimum transaction size is typically $50,000 w/ no maximum and can be based on a continuous PO with a client over an extended period of time. *Lines of Credit available.



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