Raising Capital The Private Client Way

We have created a national shared database - the only one of it kind - with more that 10,000 investors/lenders. Each of our professionals and investors adds to and updates our records daily to keep pace with the private and public investment/lending arena. As a result, we are able to proactively and directly market your Capital needs to the largest base of qualified investors/lenders in the industry.

The information gathered by our professionals and aggregated by our systems is priceless. It allows us to be on top of the market at all times and spot trends as they emerge - long before they are even perceived by others. Our approach is different, and so is our execution.

Combining all of this with conventional, tried-and-true marketing strategies gives the Private Client Group an enduring advantage. It also allows us to be so much more than valuable to our clients. We are able to serve as advisors, consultants, experts and liaisons.

Raising Capital the CFO PRIVATE CLIENT GROUP Way (see our pdf Corp. Brochure) file_image.cmp

  • Can significantly broaden your reach. Our national financial provider network spans all areas of middle-market finance.
  • Is a marketplace where capital providers compete to offer you the best pricing and terms for your specific needs.]
  • Can dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to get financing. We understand our providers' criteria and appetites, so we can quickly bring your requirements directly to them.


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